Curation and vetting

Axora’s reputation is built on successfully matching businesses with innovative proven technologies that help to increase efficiency, boost production, cut costs, reduce environmental footprint and more. Therefore, we focus on identifying and curating these solutions first and foremost, before moving onto vetting as we onboard them to the marketplace.


A technical feasibility assessment

Here, we look at whether the solution can meet expected key performance indicators in line with contractual obligations. The solution provider supplies technical datasets that explain how the solution works, its USPs, reliability, technical delivery, on-going technical customer support and level of performance guarantees.

This is backed up by examples of deployment projects and partnerships in the field.


A business feasibility assessment

This demonstrates that the business providing the solution is well respected from a legal and ongoing concern perspective. We unearth any disparities in datasets, omitted data and non-compliances to legal or regulatory expectations, both locally and internationally.

As part of this process, we run a D&B credit report on all solution providers as part of onboarding, to ascertain their financial stability and risk.

On the basis of these results, we may decide to run additional sanctions and export control checks.


A final review

If the solution provider passes this verification process, we review the results and make the final decision on whether the solution should be onboarded onto the marketplace. Once they have the green light, all parties move on to sign the commercial and legal documentation.

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