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Key Business Benefits

Faster time-to-value
Data can be analysed and accessed in split seconds, streamlining the time it takes to extract value from data
Cut costs
This solution has zero integration costs and replaces the need to hire expensive technical engineers
Proactively manage risks
Implement data governance quickly and easily to ensure continuous data monitoring levels
Easily migrate data
The unified cloud data platform makes it safe and easy to migrate data, saving effort on productionising data pipelines

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Full Description

The mining industry generates reams of data. To extract value from this data and harness its power in operations, companies must conduct data profiling in order to determine data quality. Equally as important is the need for strict governance, which ensures data monitoring levels are consistent and continuous. Data profiling highlights corrective measures that must be taken to improve data quality. Often, this results in mining companies having to join multiple datasets, build several data pipelines, and automate data availability so that it’s usable.

The Challenge

Currently, in order to do this, mining companies are having to purchase multiple vertical solutions that address each stage of the data value chain. The result? High license fees. Additionally, to integrate and maintain all this different software, operators rely on data engineers or technical experts, who are very expensive. When all of this comes together, it becomes costly, both in terms of money and time. To extract value from data quickly and affordably, business users in the mining industry need the ability to integrate and use software themselves. But the technical skill gap in mining companies means that operators are left dependent on expensive software and data engineers.

The Approach

This solution puts the power back in the hands of the business users by offering a cloud-based data platform that requires minimal to zero technical know-how. With end-to-end capabilities, covering everything from ingestion and data profiling to governance and automation, it allows you to unlock immediate value from data securely and affordably. Bolstered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology, this solution provides accurate and valuable insights that empower operators to handle their data more confidently so that they can make stronger decisions.

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