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Metals & Mining

Expert digital maturity assessment and insight across the value chain

Key facts


increased output for digital leaders


emission reduction for digital leaders

2-3 Wks

end to end process

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Top business benefits

High-level potential analysis of performance improvement through digitisation

Prioritisation of existing initiatives of significant scale

Workshop on digital roadmap based on assessment

Key top down insights to deliver much clearer execution roadmap

Common framework and independent assessment to build CxO support

Metals and mining companies face unique barriers to digital. Accelerate your transformation with a world-class digital assessment, peer benchmarking and clear roadmap.

In more detail

Full description

Metals and mining companies face unique and significant digital challenges. Despite investing in digital technologies, the industry remains 30-40% less digitally mature than comparable industries.

But while the digital challenges faced in metals and mining are considerable, including cultural resistance, remote locations, and unfamiliarity with digital technologies, companies that can overcome these barriers reap the rewards of improved throughput and productivity, contract and overhead cost reductions, and precision forecasting and price prediction.

Most metals and mining companies have ambitious digital strategies in place, but the gap between strategy and execution is significant leading to significant issues when it comes to implementation

This expert service from a world-class global consulting organisation measures digital maturity through a set of carefully constructed surveys, supplemented with interviews. The output is a robust assessment of digital maturity across multiple dimensions, combined with benchmarking to other industry peers and leaders in other industries. The actionable insights, benchmarking and recommendations can then be taken to help shape and accelerate the delivery of the digital transformation strategy to provide faster delivery and more impactful value.

The challenge

The metals and mining industry needs to accelerate its digital transformation in order to support business evolution and revolution against a backdrop of unprecedented challenges in the economic situation, alongside typical business challenges in this field.

These challenges include workforces that are typically less familiar with digital solutions than in other industries, and a resistance to incorporating digital into long-established processes, when automation could lead to workforce redundancies. Additionally, companies are often operating in remote locations with poor network bandwidth and where the rugged terrain makes deploying digital sensors difficult.

What is needed is a way to work out the ‘dos and don’ts’, learning from other successful peers and industries, as well as a roadmap for delivery.

The approach

Created by a world class global consulting leader, this comprehensive study combines proprietary IP and process, with a very significant benchmarking dataset to deliver exactly the insights needed.

The solution uses a highly proven methodology, combining expertly designed surveys, digital tools, expert industry insight, and in-depth interviews. There is a range of options for scope and sophistication, but the standard solution only requires 2-3 weeks to complete and provides insightful recommendations, combined with benchmarking data and a workshop to take the participants through the findings. The outcome is a clear roadmap, executional priorities, and comparison with peer companies to guide best practices.

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