Drone solution to enable remote installation inspections

Key facts

43Megapixel camera
4Gcapability for live 1080p video
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Top business benefits

Reduced inspection cost

Reduced inspection timeframe

Reduced reliance on manual, labour-intensive processes

Improved health and safety performance

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Manual inspection of installations is a major challenge for the oil and gas industry. These labour-intensive processes can become time-consuming and costly, while the hazardous nature of the environments being inspected raises health and safety concerns.

This advanced drone-enabled inspection solution can live stream data from offshore installations to onshore personnel, reducing reliance on risky physical inspection processes. By deploying unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology, operators can improve efficiency, reduce project costs, and increase personnel and process safety.

The challenge

Essential inspection work on oil and gas installations is imperative to their ongoing operational success. However, this vital requirement has traditionally relied on manual rope access - a labour-intensive process that has a reputation for being hazardous, time-consuming, and expensive.

These inefficiencies and major safety concerns have highlighted the need to mitigate manual inspection access where proven technologies can be deployed.

The approach

This advanced drone-enabled solution is pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in offshore inspections. The UAV-based remote technology has the power to live stream data from installations to onshore personnel via a compressed data link, reducing reliance on hazardous, time-consuming, and expensive manual processes.

Access to 200-degree vision, high-resolution still images, HD video streams and FLIR thermography minimises exposure to unnecessary risk caused by working at height and within confined spaces. This transformation from a labour-intensive undertaking to a predominantly remote process also saves valuable time and reduce costs in an already financially challenging environment.

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