An ecological biopolymer dust suppressant solution
Key Facts
blast pollution retention
reduction in water use
reduction in need for aggregates
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Key Business Benefits

Environmentally friendly - 100% biodegradable 
80% reduction in water use 
35% reduction in operating costs
Works both as road surface and blast dust suppressor

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Full Description

Dust suppression in mining is a big challenge and dust pollution has both safety and environmental challenges. This solution helps tackle these challenges in a unique and innovative way. It is a novel polymer-based and biodegradable technology that helps dramatically with dust suppression in two main use cases: road surfaces and blasting. Is highly cost effective and can be mixed on site.

The Challenge

Various mining processes can generate large amounts of dust, such as from equipment on haul roads, loading and blasting. Dust is a problem for many mining operations as it is a serious health and safety concern for employees. It can negatively impact the environment and surrounding communities and hinders equipment and operational performance.  

The Approach

This patented solution is a natural biopolymer dust suppressant that is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It is used to control dust on mining roads, tailings and other exposed areas. A version exclusive to blasting has also been engineered and developed to reduce dust created when firing a shot.   It’s a two-part polymer. Each part is inert on its own, but when combined, it forms a gel which captures and coagulates dust. Both components are stored as a concentrated liquid (or as powder) and diluted on-site before use.  

On mining roads, both components are applied using separate water bowsers (one with Polymer A and one with Polymer B) and form a seal on the ground, forming a hard surface by binding the dust. It can also be used on construction roads as a soil stabiliser.  

During blasting, both components get placed in the blast holes in bagged cartridges. These cartridges break with the blast, aerosolising the two solutions to bind dust particles without interfering with the blasting process. 

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