Environmental DNA monitoring solution to detect and track biodiversity in and around water sources
Key Facts
of human effort compared to conventional
up to
more species detected by eDNA than conventional sampling
of species simultaneously
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Key Business Benefits

Comprehensive biodiversity monitoring
eDNA captures everything in one sample, from microbes to megafauna, giving you better results for less time and money.
Increased cost-effectiveness
This solution is cheaper than conventional methods while providing higher quality data at unprecedented scales.
More data for less effort
Combining eDNA sampling with deep scientific expertise, this solution requires less field effort and fewer person days.
Verifiable & credible
eDNA samples can be stored for independent verification so that you can rest assured the outcomes are credible.

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Full Description

Biodiversity awareness is critical to mining sustainably. In order to champion environmental stewardship, the mining industry must understand how its operations affect the surrounding wildlife so that companies can strive towards biodiversity conservation. This is why conducting powerful, reliable surveys is so crucial. This solution will save you time, money and effort on biodiversity management. Unlike traditional surveys, which are inefficient and often return limited data, this solution uses eDNA sampling and bioinformatics analysis to provide you with powerful, reliable data at unprecedented scales.

The Challenge

Conventional biodiversity surveys can waste valuable resources. They’re time-consuming, expensive, and the data they return is limited. Additionally, biodiversity is complex to survey. Wildlife is hard to observe, small species are difficult to identify, and the process often requires high numbers of taxonomic experts in the field. Even when armed with a team of experts, conventional surveys are still inefficient. For instance, when there are several species that need surveying in a given area, traditional methods force you to conduct separate surveys for each species. This challenge can be exacerbated further if the area being surveyed is large and extensive. In this scenario, traditional methods would not only require more time and people in the field, they would also be more likely to produce unreliable data. All of this can have a huge impact on your company’s biodiversity efforts, and hinder your ability to mine sustainably.

The Approach

This eDNA monitoring solution is transforming biodiversity management with commercial-scale DNA technologies that cost less money, require less effort, and produce higher quality data. Empowering you with custom-designed sampling kits that are versatile, hard to contaminate, and require no pump or cold storage, this solution will eliminate your need for taxonomic experts in the field. Instead, anyone is able to use these kits to collect high-quality DNA samples in your project site. It only takes 15 minutes, and the samples can then be sent to a team of experts for analysis. In the lab, DNA is extracted. The target groups’ DNA is then amplified and sequenced so that bioinformatic analysis is able to identify individual species and sample diversity. Hundreds of species can be captured in a single sample, such as when this solution’s eDNA aquatic services were used to detect 675 species. In this way, this solution will allow you to champion biodiversity conservation with powerful, scalable data. The best part? You’ll save money while you do it.

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