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Metals & Mining

Computer vision to monitor safety compliance

Key facts

typically20%faster reporting of safety issues
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Top business benefits

Improves health and safety

Reduces environmental risks


Computer-vision tool that cuts industrial safety breaches.

In more detail

Full description

There are inherent health, safety and environmental risks across oil and gas and metals and mining plants.

The challenge

If industrial safety regulations are breached this can pose huge health, safety and environmental risks to the entire plant and the wider community and potentially subject operators to expensive litigation claims. This can also significantly reduce productivity and even cause plant shutdown.

The approach

This computer-vision solution mitigates the risk of industrial safety breaches. Using CCTV in combination with machine vision, it identifies and reports safety issues in real-time.

The system runs visual information from the camera feed into digital models that assess safety compliance based on past events. It takes numerous factors into account, including the number of workers in a space.

Ideal for hazardous sites, this solution identifies imminent dangers and automatically alerts operators and management to any safety violations. It vastly reduces health, safety and environmental risks, helps cut costs and boosts productivity by cutting plant downtime.

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