Telematics platform that optimises off-highway fleet efficiency
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decrease in machine rental cost
increase in machine productivity
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Lower fuel and rental costs
Reduced Breakdowns
Control of your fleet

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Full Description

Tracking and managing fleets of vehicles is a complex task and the costs to the industry are significant. However, productivity can be boosted, and significant savings made using technology. This solution is a cloud-based digital service for off-highway vehicles and industrials fleets. It is powered by aggregating existing machine data or using easy-to-install wireless smart sensors that are secured near the engine of the vehicle or other accessible machine locations. The solution uses AI to track vehicles, measure idling and generate powerful utilisation analytics. This all enables operators and site managers to improve fleet operations and maintenance.

The Challenge

It is estimated that there are 30m unconnected machines worldwide. Heavy equipment users are impacted by poor utilisation, wasteful operations and low productivity ($100bn+ industry problem).

Productivity is key - regardless of whether it’s the management of one site or many - and the continuous tracking and management of vehicle fleets is complex. Often data is not being collected but when it is, collating the data from multiple platforms is a real challenge. This makes it difficult to form a full picture from all the fragmented data.

Common issues include the under-utilisation of assets, high idling of machines (and fuel theft) and poor maintenance. This in turn leads to high operating costs, increased CO2 emissions, capex wastage and project delays.

The costs of making the wrong decisions are significant:

  • Idling: machine idling can be as high as 40-50%. The total cost of idling can be up to £100 per day per machine with 4000+ litres of fuel/ machine/ year wasted
  • Emissions: cutting idling by one hour a day per machine is equivalent to removing one car from our planet
  • Rentals: mismanaged rentals can cost anywhere from £150 – £1000 a day per machine
  • Productivity: output losses can vary from £1000 a day to £4m a day
  • Low utilisation: on average machines are used for only 4 hours per day
  • Deferred maintenance: every $1 worth of maintenance that’s deferred leads to $4 in capital costs
  • Stolen equipment:less than 25% is recovered

Although products do already exist on the market, very often they:

  • Don’t reliably isolate idling (designed instead for machine maintenance)
  • Don’t offer one solution across all vehicles
  • Can’t identify fuel usage anomalies, or theft
  • Still require hand-written records globally (which is laborious, prone to error and even fixing)
  • Don’t effectively set up RPM (revolutions per minute) meters, are distrusted by foremen, or have complicated interfaces and don’t sufficiently summarise data

The Approach

We will eliminate the need to use multiple data provider’s platforms to track the whole fleets performance We offer one single platform with full visibility across all connected machines so that it is easy to manage productivity, improve carbon footprint, reduce operating costs and increase the efficiency of your equipment.

The full-stack offering includes a cloud-based aggregation layer which normalises and aggregates incoming equipment data, irrespective of the telematics provider.

If an equipment is not connected, we can provide our revolutionary self-powered, wireless sensor, designed for DIY installation. Using a unique vibratory pattern of individual machines, the vehicle’s movement and engine performance is tracked in real-time and uploaded to the cloud using cellular connectivity or LoRa networks. Cloud computing is then used to deliver real-time data and analysis, displayed in a single platform which is accessible to all stakeholders, allowing users to optimise their fleet operations real time.

The interface is intuitive and easy-to-use across mobile and desktop and offers:

  • Utilisation reporting across every machine and project, regardless of manufacturer and age of the machine
  • Near real-time information
  • CSV downloads and API’s available

Key benefits are:

  • Simple: Set up and start monitoring instantly via the app
  • Universal: 100% compatibility across all makes and models, owned or rented, anywhere in the world
  • Scalable: Easily add new - or move - machines and “pay as you grow”
  • End-to-end solution: Centralised data collection and analysis. No custom IT solution needed
  • Reliable: Robust and reliable sensors with low battery usage, built to withstand the harshest conditions, 24/7
  • Always on: Instant live reports
  • Predictive analytics: Data translated into actionable stats so that informed choices can be made
  • Secure: End-to-end processing

The commercial model is a flexible monthly subscription with no upfront development or installation costs.

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