Nano fuel borne catalyst that helps diesel engines run more efficiently
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reduction in particulates emissions
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improvement in fuel efficiency
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reduction in CO2 emissions
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Key Business Benefits

Lowers maintenance costs
Cleans engines over time and removes soot deposits. Regenerates Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) in service, improving operating performance. Preserves the condition of engine oil potentially extending drain intervals.
Improves fuel economy
Removing deposits throughout the engine leads to better fuel consumption and lowers greenhouse gases so improving overall carbon footprint.
Reduces particulate emissions and visible smoke
A more thorough combustion process reduces, harmful particulate emissions and lowers smoke opacity, so protecting the work force and local air quality.
Greater asset life
A cleaner engine extends maintenance intervals and reduces wear, extending asset life.

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Full Description

Mining companies are under pressure to reduce their environmental footprint. Large mining equipment with diesel engines is a major contributor to CO2 emissions at mining operations. Additionally, underground mines must meet even stricter requirements due to the health hazards diesel emissions create in the enclosed underground environment. Countries have different regulations, meaning operators in multiple jurisdictions must comply with these varying standards. Mining companies are turning to innovative solutions to solve these challenges and to comply with new, more demanding regulations. This solution is a unique fuel additive formulation that makes substantial fuel savings in diesel powered vehicles and equipment. Using an innovative Fuel Borne Catalyst (FBC) component in combination with a proven detergent, it produces a cleaner engine which runs more efficiently while providing additional environmental and operating cost benefits.

The Challenge

Most diesel fuel is treated with several types of additives at the refinery to improve fuel quality and meet national specifications. When diesel fuel only contains refinery additives it is prone to create deposits throughout the engine. These deposits adversely affect fuel economy, increasing CO2 emissions, and lead to greater output of harmful particulates. The benefits of performance additives which contain detergents to clean injectors are well established but historically they have only been available in retail forecourt fuel known as ‘premium diesel’. As detergents are destroyed in the combustion process they are unable to remove deposits from the combustion chamber and the exhaust system where accumulation of soot can cause operating problems, particularly when Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) are fitted.

The Approach

This innovative solution uses a unique formulation of two active performance components that combine to remove deposits from the fuel injectors, combustion chamber and exhaust system: a proven detergent removes deposits from the fuel system and the fuel injectors, whilst an innovative Fuel Borne Catalyst (FBC) ensures a more thorough combustion and alters the properties of the soot. By lowering the autoignition temperature of soot by approximately 150°C it will burn away more frequently at lower speed or load operating conditions rather than accumulating and causing problems. This improves an engine's fuel economy and lowers maintenance costs. Additionally, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs), where fitted, will be far less prone to soot blockage in service. As a ‘drop-in’ additive, it requires minimal installation or capital, providing instant ROI and even greater returns after long-term use. Immediate improvements include reductions in particulate emissions, and visible smoke. With prolonged use, fuel economy improves significantly as the engine is cleaned, removing soot deposits and lowering maintenance costs. Since the additive treated diesel fuel maintains compliance to national fuel standards, the OEMs have a legal obligation to stand behind warranties.

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