Fuel supplement system that cuts emissions and improves fuel efficiency
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Key Business Benefits

Reduces emissions and particulates
A more efficient combustion process results in almost all diesel particles and other toxins being burnt off
Improves fuel economy
An improved combustion process leads to better consumption
Decreases problems associated with DPF filters and EGR valves
Reduction in diesel particulate output from the engine
Extends equipment life
Smoother operating and cleaner engines results in less wear and tear

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Full Description

Mining companies are looking for ways to improve their environmental footprint. Reducing emissions and providing cleaner air to a site is not only better for the environment but also creates a safer and healthier workplace for employees. This solution is an innovative fuel supplement system that significantly reduces emissions while offering many other benefits to an engine's fuel economy and longevity. It can be applied to diesel engines in vehicles and gensets.

The Challenge

As the mining industry strives towards decarbonisation companies are turning to innovative technologies to reduce emissions, burn cleaner fuel and improve fuel economy at their operations. Diesel is still a fuel source that is widely used across the industry and will be for a while. This clean air technology is a viable steppingstone for operations to reduce emissions and help to achieve their decarbonisation goals. With minimal installation and no modifications required to the engine, it provides companies with quick ROI.

The Approach

It uses an innovative electrolysis system to produce a hydrogen gas mixture on demand. Electric currents split water into oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrolysed gas travels to the engine through the air intake and mixes with the regular fuel. This mixture allows for a more thorough combustion process where almost all carbon particles and other harmful toxins and gases are burnt off, significantly reducing emissions. Other proven benefits include improved fuel economy, engine efficiency, less blockage with the DPF filters and EGR valves and extended engine life expectancy. Its modular design makes it easily scalable and can run in series to meet the demands of larger engines.

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