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Oil & Gas

Integrated solution to simplify compliance with your quality management system

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reduction in manual administrative activities


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Top business benefits

Improved evidence of objectives

A safer and more efficient workforce

More robust governance

Less dependency on external consultants

Enhanced training records

Improved asset management

Improved overview of your supply chain

Enhanced internal audit management

In more detail

Full description

All well managed companies, including those in the oil and gas industry, have well defined quality management systems (QMS), typically backed by internationally recognized standards such as ISO9001. Ensuring strong compliance and adoption of the QMS inside the company and into the supply chain can be complex and time consuming.

This SaaS solution dramatically simplifies compliance with your QMS standards, and removes numerous often manual and disconnected steps and processes. It ensures a far simpler pathway through re-certification as well as helping the organization run itself in a better way.

With oil and gas operations often run as joint ventures where coordination across divisions can be even harder, the benefits can be even greater.

The challenge

Oil and gas operators are subject to a host of regulations and compliance standards concerning every area of their operations, from workforce, assets and training to supply chains and audits. At the same time, they must optimise each of these areas of their business to reduce costs, meet tough sustainability targets and increase production.

Quality Management is a significant area for on-going compliance and improvement and covers many aspects of how the business runs from personnel, supply chain, training, and asset management. Operators need to demonstrate adherence to international or regional standards such as ISO9001 and this can be a significant burden on often small compliance teams. In addition, regular audits for re-certification can apply even more pressure, and increasingly, larger companies in particular are insisting on internal audits in advance of the formal audit.

Fragmented teams, disconnected spreadsheets and lack of transparent process can both frustrate teams and board level management in all areas of compliance oversight, including quality management systems. Furthermore the complexity of managing audits and standards compliance drives operators to hire expensive contractors – an unnecessary cost burden.

The approach

This proven and cost-effective SaaS quality management compliance solution, delivers a robust and efficient unified platform that integrates the control, management and tracking of each of these six key areas of your operation:

  • Objectives

This system can track as many objectives as you define. Its regular updates and progress indicators give visibility on the status of these objectives to all users, as well as an easy way to evidence objectives to external assessors.

  • Workforce management

Every member of staff and contractor within your mining operation is recorded and tracked. This enables personnel to be identified against any information security incident or internal audits involving them.

  • Asset management

This system allows individual assets to be logged against the individual employee that they have been assigned to. This means that individual assets can be referenced in security incident reports, internal audit findings and other operational reports.

  • Training records management

Each individual training offering can be recorded against each employee who completed it. This can be done with a document upload on to the platform or via a hyperlink to an external training record repository. It can also document summary reports by training course and individual employees.

  • Supplier management 

This fully-featured module requests and assesses Supplier Capability Assessments. These can be automatically scored to demonstrate that suppliers are delivering value to your organisation.

  • Internal audit management

This internal audit feature allows reports to be created and cross-referenced within the solution. This includes cross-referencing individual employees, assets, suppliers, risks assessments and non-conformances.

With each of these areas integrated, visible and available for instant comparison on a single dashboard, it makes it easy to see where investment is required, costs are excessive, objectives and compliance are not being met and assets and personnel are underperforming. By acting on these indices you can quickly bring your operation in line with expectations and optimise performance across the board.

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