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Health scanning solution that uses an app to assess and digitally record employee fitness before work

Key facts

5+vital signs reported
integrated4separate scans
under60-90sscan time
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App that gives a single, rapid view of employee fitness to work. It flexibly integrates health data from IoT sensors (temperature, blood alcohol, etc) combined with advanced health scanning technologies, into a single dataset linked to the employee’s ID.

Top business benefits

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Operational cost savings

A unified, integrated system means no data re-entry and reduced operational costs

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Advanced scanning

Detect wider issues and improve safety with advanced AI scanning

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More accurate data

Understand trends in data and get an accurate picture of health measurements

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Completely secure

Personal information is protected as correlation to personnel records happens only in backend systems

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Get on site faster

Health checks are rapid, allowing personnel to get to their job faster and increasing productivity

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Flexible platform

Health measures and data parameters can be modified for company-specific rules

Main features

  • A fully digital solution

  • Protects individuals’ privacy

  • Interfaces easily with backend systems

  • Advanced facial scanning solution to measure vital signs

  • Robust, reliable, simple, and low cost

  • Flexible thresholds for yes/no approvals to work

In more detail

Full description

In mining operations, basic health checks on shift change are a standard requirement, but the process and technology are often outdated. This integrated digital solution speeds up and enhances health scanning for shift changes.

It’s a seamless combination of standard low-cost sensors with innovative, non-invasive technologies such as facial scanning, creating a single device-agnostic solution that provides advanced health measurement.

You’ll get rapid results on alcohol levels and temperature; along with blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, oxygen saturation and more, while protecting personal information at the same time.

The challenge

Dated processes and obsolete technologies used in basic health checks on shift change can lead to wasted time, reduced productivity, and ultimately an unsafe work environment.

Breathalyser and temperature checks are often different systems, advanced checks like blood pressure take too long, privacy requirements need to carefully managed, and trending and data reporting are both hard to achieve and time-consuming.

The approach

To speed up and improve the health check process, both the technology and the process need to be improved. That’s why this solution is fully digital, all checks are on the same system, and it can be easily integrated with your backend systems. At the same time, the checks are expanded to include more than just temperature and alcohol, and scan time is typically less than a minute, saving on operational costs and getting people onsite more quickly.

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Tech specification

Platforms supported
iOS (now) and Android (future)
Sensor connectivity
Bluetooth or wired
On-prem or cloud
Both are supported

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