SaaS-based field worker productivity and management platform for asset intensive industries
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Key Business Benefits

Improved due diligence helping adherence to licence to operate, compliance, environmental, social and governance requirements
Better management of access to information and processes
Improved control and visibility of workforce, stakeholder and wider community communications
Enabling real-time collaboration for greater transparency and consistency

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Full Description

The paperwork associated with plant operations can be immense and time consuming. Miscommunications can easily result. This, in turn, can impact operational performance and stakeholder relations and have negative consequences for the safety and security of the workforce and plant. Built specifically for operations, this centralised SaaS platform integrates advanced business intelligence with processes that allow team members to communicate and collaborate individually and across remote teams. It enables safety issues to be accurately and centrally logged and every aspect of project and stakeholder management to be tracked, resulting in improved performance, governance, sustainability and health and safety across your entire operation.

The Challenge

Various manual processes, paper-based data collection and multiple information systems used across operations, make it hard for individuals, team leaders and senior management to keep track of what is happening across their own departments and across the business. With no central system for logging events or activities, capturing real-time information, streamlining team communication and managing projects and stakeholders, misinformation and misunderstandings can occur. This can result in critical business processes not being completed, site diaries clashing, workflows being held up, health and safety triage being mismanaged, regulations not being correctly adhered to and assets not being efficiently utilised.

The Approach

This cloud-based, flexible and scalable mobile platform is designed by a team of industry and enterprise technology experts specifically for the complex operations involved in asset and project intensive industries. Whether you want oversight of all health and safety reporting; specific information on a single project; to track site activity, employees and contractors; assets and materials; or to analyse and collaborate on business-critical information, you can do it all from this single dashboard. This software focuses on the four key areas of an operation: Health and safety – offering automated reporting and photographic evidence logging, plus instant access to mobile safety application processes and data Site operations and management – managing and enhancing operational processes to improve productivity, compliance, governance and sustainability Project collaboration – centralising project and intelligence from ERP, PM, EAM and other applications, plus automated task setting, reminders and reporting. Client and Stakeholder Engagement – providing up-to-date communications and information to help you better manage your license to operate across your many stakeholders and value chain.

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