Digital field worker productivity platform
Key Facts
of time currently spent on paperwork
up to
improvement in worker productivity
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Key Business Benefits

High quality data capture and evidence
Seamless shift handovers
Strong data set to support governance and crisis management
Video assessments for site safety improvements

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Full Description

Companies need to improve on-site safety for field workers whilst driving productivity. Meanwhile, legacy paper-based processes continue with rising compliance overheads driving the agenda. In order to progress their projects, field workers need regular managerial review and approvals, which are currently managed via inefficient legacy processes.

The Challenge

There is an increasing need to capture, monitor and review field worker productivity at a management level. Insights into visual and written information are increasingly important for decision making. The time has come to digitally enhance the field worker experience in the mining industry.

The Approach

This innovative and proven digital solution supports seamless data capture, real-time site visibility and actionable insights. Users can easily capture videos, photos, audio and text which are analysed using machine learning once uploaded. This enables management to quickly review and inform the decision making to drive productivity, improve safety and meet compliance needs. Handover between work shifts is much simpler with common records and full history in one platform. Comprehensive reporting allows true insights to be extracted, which support further optimisation efforts across the spectrum of field work deployments.

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