Satellite-based asset track and trace solution for rugged environments
Key Facts
satellite-based communication
tracks over
field assets
certified for use in
ATEX Zone 0
hazardous areas
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Key Business Benefits

Global visibility
Satellite-based communications means you can reliably track your assets no matter where they are in the world
Minimised CapEx
Provides up-to-date insights on equipment, identifies equipment certification, and highlights maintenance issues
Increased asset utilisation
Gives logistics accurate visibility of the status of mission-critical assets so they can be used to full effectiveness
Improved asset management
Track-and-trace software streamlines everything from asset location and retrieval to inspection compliance

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Full Description

To ensure operational efficiency and minimise wasteful capex in mining operations, operators need up-to-date insights and the ability to reliably track mission-critical assets anywhere in the world. This asset tracking software & device solution provides global traceability for over 160,000 field assets, and empowers operators with actionable insights so that they can respond to issues quickly and appropriately. The bottom line? Maximised efficiency, reduced costs, better asset utilisation, and faster lead times.

The Challenge

Mining operations are complex and hazardous, creating a range of asset tracking challenges that can quickly lead to lost revenue. Not using the most reliable, accessible, or fully certified systems not only triggers wasteful capital expenditures, but can also lead to production shutdowns, which can cost $10,000s every minute. But mining operations take assets to some of the most remote and hazardous locations on the planet, making accurate traceability and visibility difficult to ensure. This is where this track-and-trace solution steps in.

The Approach

This solution combines the world’s most rapid asset tracker with cloud-based track-and-trace software to provide full visibility over offshore assets. The rugged GPS tracking devices used by this solution are certified to withstand ATEX Zone 0 environments, meaning that your assets will stay connected no matter how harsh or remote their location is. With this solution, you can overcome the complex operational challenges that are rife in mining operations, from asset location and retrieval to inspection compliance, delivery verification, and response times. The award-winning track-and-trace software platform also collects and simplifies huge reams of asset data and turns them into up-to-date insights. Not only does this streamline asset management, you can also save valuable time and money, and maximise the efficiency of your offshore operations.

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