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Metals & Mining

Mobile app for smart complaint management

Key facts


rise in productivity

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Top business benefits

Boosts productivity

Cuts litigation costs

Improves plant and community relations

Complaint management app that improves complaint handling and speeds resolution.

In more detail

Full description

All large plants must communicate clearly and effectively with their workforce and their local community to maintain harmony.

The challenge

When complaints are not quickly acted upon and resolved, disputes can quickly escalate, even resulting in expensive and lengthy legal action.

The approach

This mobile complaint management app enables better communication and understanding between plants, their workforce and their local community.

Complaints or concerns from workers or community members are posted directly to the platform's bulletin board. Issues are automatically categorised using language detection and pattern-analysis technology to prioritise the complaints and highlight the hot topics. Staff then use the resulting insights to detect and resolve potential conflicts quickly and effectively, reducing the likelihood of grievances escalating and even interrupting projects.

The platform also has indicators that measure efficiency in dealing with complaints, such as user satisfaction and time taken to resolve grievances. This solution cuts litigation costs, improves workforce and local relations and raises productivity by minimising plant disruptions.

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