Facial scanning solution to detect vital signs for health monitoring

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under60sscan time
5+vital signs reported
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Top business benefits

96% accuracy*

Non-invasive – just use a smartphone to do a facial scan

Fast – takes 10s of seconds to scan

Auditable – corporate level data infrastructure to keep clear records

Secure data platform – authorised for personal medical records

The app can be downloaded quickly and safely

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The high stress environment of offshore manned and unmanned installations requires robust health and safety management.

This innovative solution uses non-invasive facial scanning to report heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiration, stress levels and other key vital signs in seconds.

It can be supportive technology to the first aider on unmanned installations or to the medical officer on manned installations, helping manage the key health indicators of the staff, both before travelling and whilst offshore.

The challenge

The high stress environment of offshore manned and unmanned installations requires robust health and safety management. In the case of unmanned there is typically only a trained first aider from the core operational team, whereas manned installations have a medical officer covering upwards of 150 staff.

COVID-19* and other more traditional ailments causing significant resourcing issues to offshore installation operators, both in terms of pre-travel checks and offshore wellness monitoring. Stress can itself be a cause of accidents and operational performance issues, as well as concerns over sick staff passing on viruses to others in such a confined space. Medium or large scale health issues can literally cripple the operations completely, costing potentially millions in lost production and impact on employee confidence in the operation.

*With COVID specifically, the WHO has recently stated that temperature screening alone is not effective – adding oxygen saturation and respiratory rates will help detect symptoms.

The approach

This truly innovative solution is leading the way in non-invasive yet cost-effective diagnostics by combining smart computer vision, AI and smartphone technology to provide energy companies with a fast, accurate and simple diagnosis of health issues in staff both pre-travel and offshore.

The system is highly secure, reflecting the sensitivity of any personal health data, and uses best in class security. The solution can accurately detect heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation levels and overall stress position of a person, with more to come.

The solution uses proven science - remote photoplethysmography (rPPG) – but combines this with proprietary signal processing, computer vision and facial landmark detection to build an accurate measure of key vitals in an individual.

The combination of an individual’s medical vital signs is itself useful medical information but the solution can also be used to detect signs of COVID-19 and, in the future, other critical areas of health and well being.

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