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Metals & Mining

On-the-job training platform

Key facts

typically20%reduction in training costs
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Top business benefits

Cuts training costs

Boosts staff morale

Increases productivity

Increases staff retention

On-the-job learning platform that enables employers to upskill their workforce.

In more detail

Full description

Oil and gas and metal and mining operations often require their workforces to learn new skills and train on new equipment and systems.

The challenge

This often requires staff to train on a variety of systems on and off site, which is expensive and time-consuming.

The approach

This on-the-job learning platform leverages existing study materials and online programs to allow access to training materials at work. It includes videos, best practice guides, written materials, chats and reminders, with real-time feedback and daily progress monitoring. This training platform enables employers to integrate various existing online training on a single dashboard to upskill their workforce without investing significant capital.

This solutions enables fast on-the-job learning, quick adoption of digital solutions and increased worker involvement, leading to improved productivity across the board. It cuts training costs, boosts worker satisfaction, aids staff retention and helps to increase productivity.

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2022 Globee Award Winner

A bronze award in the 'Startup of the Year: Business Services' category