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VERIFIED for short term payback

AI-based predictive maintenance to cut preventable downtime

Key facts

under3 mthsto achieve ROI
under6 mthssetup
over20%higher asset utilisation
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Top business benefits

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Reduce unplanned downtime

Reclaim preventable downtime each year while avoiding time lost from premature maintenance

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Increase mine throughput

Achieve peak tonnage throughput for maximum profits and growth.

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Improve asset health

Extend the longevity of your equipment to give you maximum lifetime value.

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Reduce maintenance costs

Save up to 15% in maintenance costs each year.

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Fast ROI

Verified for short time payback, achieving ROI in under three months.

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Mobile or fixed

Flexible plant capabilities to meet your particular needs.

Predict and prevent unplanned downtime each year with AI-based software to boost asset availability, maximise throughput, and increase profits.

Main features

  • Compatible with car dumpers, stackers, reclaimers, mills, and crushers.

  • Identifies faults affecting conveyor tensioning, luff, bucketwheel, slew drive, and long travel driver.

  • Sensor or switch fault alerts to inform maintenance requirements.

  • Maintenance schedule optimisation that avoids premature maintenance

  • Reduces or avoids maintenance fault-finding time.

  • Multiple use cases across many industries with case studies to prove effectiveness.

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Full description

Unplanned downtime from equipment such as car dumpers, stackers, reclaimers, mills, and crushers significantly disrupts your productivity. The resulting drop in throughput can cause avoidable losses in profit that reach millions of dollars each year.

This AI-based predictive solution allows you to avoid unplanned downtime by performing preventative maintenance on your equipment. That means you can reduce plant failures, lost production, labour costs, and spare parts usage to maximise your throughput and profits.

The challenge

Reaching your mining throughput potential relies on achieving the highest possible uptime in your plant machinery. While planned maintenance is an essential part of this process, unplanned downtime grinds your operation to a halt. The longer this lasts, the lower your throughput falls and the more money you lose.

But many issues in equipment such as car dumpers, stackers, reclaimers, mills, and crushers can be predicted with the right technology and datasets. When combined with hyper-responsive AI models, predictive maintenance technology allows your facility to reach optimal tonnage throughput.

The approach

This advanced AI platform has been proven to deliver highly reliable predictive maintenance recommendations for both large and small mining companies. It has been deployed in a wide variety of use cases across many industries, and several successful case studies are available as evidence.

Small customisations are typically made to fit the dataset with which you intend to power the model. The software uses proprietary artificial neural networks with advanced explainability features and AutoML for scaling.

To use this predictive maintenance solution, you’ll require:

  • Sufficient sensors

  • 3-5 years of stored data for the equipment

  • A downtime accounting system to record and store malfunctions

The team will then work with you on data integration and input into the system.

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