Digital safety platform for heavy industries
Key Facts
reduced absence
reduction work accidents
cut in operational costs
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Key Business Benefits

54% fewer accidents recorded in adopted customers
65% fewer days of absences recorded in adopted customers
30% operational costs have been evidenced in deployments
80% improved ‘safety engagement’ in the workforce recorded

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Full Description

Most industrial work incidents are preventable with appropriate real-time intelligence and upfront planning. This innovative SaaS solution gathers data from enterprise systems and IoT devices, and then employs AI software to initiate safety interventions in real-time.

The Challenge

Industrial work incidents come at a high cost to every organisation: employee health and welfare, operational disruptions, worker absence and reputational damage, not to mention the moral aspects for company leaders. Yet many incidents could be prevented if advanced technological solutions are deployed. These range from smart IoT sensors that interact with control room scheduling and shift management through to onsite worker notification and engagement.

The Approach

This innovative SaaS platform protects both workers and installations by gathering live data from enterprise systems and IoT sensors, then combining with AI software to initiate real-time safety interventions to reduce asset incidents. By working across four core pillars of safety data aggregation, smart risk analysis, behavioural models and safety operational excellence, this advanced platform coalesces safety management into one comprehensive and powerful digital solution. The platform provides smart tools and numerous informative data points for front line operators, control room operators, operational supervision and installation managers. The system empowers early warning informed safety decision making within a single robust solution.

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