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AI-driven incident prevention solution to optimise plant safety

Key facts

over90%accuracy for detection of safety incidents before they happen
under1sin-zone alert time
up to$6indirect cost saving per $1 direct investment
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Top business benefits

Reduce production outages, improve margin

Shift from reactive to proactive approach to safety

Live, actionable oversight to ensure worker safety

Real time situational awareness

Worker activity insights to increase productivity

Safety platform provides real-time situational awareness and insights into worker activity to increase productivity and ensure workers are acting within safety parameters.

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In more detail

Full description

The fatality rate for the oil and gas industry is seven times higher than that of any other industry in the US, with similar patterns in other parts of the world. Annually, there are more than 5,000 workplace deaths incurring $90bn in related costs. Worker safety is a critical concern for employers and underwriters representing major morale, productivity, and economic impacts.

By shifting the approach to workplace safety from reactive to proactive, billions of dollars in lost production can be avoided. This is all possible through the use of sensor-fusion based AI and computer vision real-time location services. Worker safety is ensured by using actionable oversight obtained through a combination of multiple sensors and analytics.

The challenge

As a major hazard industry, employee protection for oil and gas workers is of paramount importance. Despite the historical and current measures put in place, the industry is still subject to serious financial losses as a consequence of fatalities and lost time. As well as the monetary harm suffered, a lack of action also poses a great threat to reputation.

Traditional video surveillance is not enough - nor is it good enough to rely on human-in-the-loop methods to assess worker and environmental safety. Opportunities to miss critical events always exist due to distraction and human error. The entire legacy process is reactionary, with the inability to offer real-time proactive warnings to workers.

The approach

With industrial-grade wearables and manager portals, this solution offers end-to-end efficiency that alerts management and workers in real time to potential safety hazards. Cutting-edge technology tackles the problem of workplace safety by continuously monitoring worker behaviour and generating a more complete situational understanding of every worker's environment. This complete understanding allows the system to intervene intelligently and help prevent accidents in real time.

This is an AI solution that scans through multi-sensor inputs in real-time, and proactively and immediately alerts workers and managers to safety concerns. The real-time situational awareness, location services, and insights into worker activity increase productivity and ensure workers are acting within safety parameters.

Features include geofencing, PPE detection, safety zone compliance, fall detection, vehicle-worker collision protection, and proximity warnings. It’s an end-to-end system that provides a cloud-based user portal with predictive analytics, and a coaching module to build overall safety adherence.

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