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Remote controlled mining equipment

Key facts

typically25%increase in productivity
typically30%drop in operational expenditure
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Top business benefits

Increases productivity

Reduces OPEX

Cuts maintenance costs

Improves worker safety

Reduces the risk of machine collisions

Automated equipment that raises productivity and mine safety.

In more detail

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Manually-operated mining equipment is prone to misuse as a result of human error.

The challenge

This leads to accidents that endanger the plant, its workforce and even the wider environment. This can also cause production hold ups, additional wear and tear on machines and even plant shut downs.

The approach

This remote-controlled equipment solution enables a mine operator to remotely control bulldozers, excavators and other mining equipment. The high-precision navigation solution employs sensors, GNSS, radar and LiDAR technologies to remotely operate a variety of mining equipment. It is controlled through a wearable or stationary device.

These remote-controlled machines increase mine productivity, reduce operational and maintenance costs, increase worker safety and reduce the risk of machine collisions.

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