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SAG mill optimisation modelling

Key facts

typically6%increase in bottleneck throughput
typically4%increase in upstream fragmentation
typically3%increase in set point optimisation
typically2%increase in ball charge optimisation
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Top business benefits

Speeds up production

Cuts costs

Reduces system bottlenecks

Increases productivity

Data-analytics solution for optimising the SAG mill process.

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Full description

Bottlenecks in the mine production process commonly occur in the SAG mill.

The challenge

These hold-ups can cause huge disruption to the production process and lead to delivery deadlines and targets being missed.

The approach

This data-analytics solution creates a digital model of the SAG mill and uses advanced data analytics and the latest machine-learning techniques to optimise its operating parameters. In doing so, it enhances the grinding-ball charge, mill load and feeder strategy, and it significantly improves overall throughput.

It enables process specialists to model different parameters to adjust for varying types of ore without disrupting production and it enhances operational efficiency at every stage of the milling process. This, in turn, helps optimise the metal extraction rate further down the value chain.

By pinpointing possible bottlenecks and allowing action to be taken to minimise them, this solution speeds up the whole production process, cuts costs and boosts productivity.

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