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SaaS tool to optimise security compliance and risk management

Key facts

6xcontinents deployed
100+reports no longer needed
typically30%time saved vs traditional methods
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Top business benefits

Simplifies InfoSec management and accreditation for ISO27001 and similar (including US standards like NIST UCF and ISACA)

Provides a more robust governance platform

Reduce dependency on external consultants – use them for deep expertise not running the program

Strong risk mitigation functionality

Board level dashboarding and multi-level perspectives on the data

Templated policies, procedures, forms – all aligned to key standards such as ISO27001

Extends into the supply chain – supplier risk management et

Extends into the supply chain – supplier risk management etc

Unify the process and governance – remove fragmentation

Join up your efforts on InfoSec and GDPR in one platform and also expand to ISO9001/ISO14001 for quality and environmental management

Real time risk management

Strong asset management foundation eases multi-generation technology risk management

In more detail

Full description

Data security risks are increasing as upstream oil and gas companies invest in accelerating digitalisation and demonstrating ISO27001 and similar compliance is an imperative.

Dependency on external consultants, extending requirements the supply chain and multi generational technology footprints make this compliance area even more difficult to manage.

This SaaS solution is proven to dramatically simplify the initial accreditation process and provides a powerful platform for on-going compliance and risk management. It’s perfectly suited to the fluid and complex environment of upstream oil and gas where often oil and gas installations are run as separate entities from corporate HQ and can be joint ventures or complex corporate setups.

The challenge

Upstream oil and gas companies are subject to increasing regulation and compliance especially in areas of information security, quality management and environmental sustainability. Managing the compliance to regulation and company policies is an increasing burden on typically small compliance teams. This is further complicated in the case of joint ventures, operational centres and frontline exploration which cannot always take advantage of more mature functions, tools and processes in the corporate HQ. Reputational management in the broadest sense is continuing to gain priority in the boardroom of large and mid-sized oil and gas companies.

Information Security Management centres largely around ISO27001 compliance – both initial accreditation and ongoing alignment. Other models are used in certain parts of the world as well, but in all cases, this has expanded to data protection/privacy, notably with GDPR in Europe and similar requirements in other geographies. Typically, small teams are left to piece together multiple processes all captured in spreadsheets, often with substantial requirements for external consultants to both support the compliance projects and assessment but also to actually run the programs. There is also substantial complication on legal aspects to these programs whereby the cost of mistakes can be high, both in terms of finance and reputation. Finally, due to large long term capital bias to mining projects, there is a strong multi-generational challenge with digital solutions – often bought over decades – the need for tightly interwoven asset management is significant.

The approach

This proven and cost-effective solution, already deployed in 6 continents and 10s of countries, delivers a robust yet efficient single unified platform to reduce the fragmentation, drive efficiency, and drives strong risk management across the broad space of ISMS. In particular the solution can help with:

  • Unification of the typically fragmented approaches

  • Board level governance, reporting, and dashboarding

  • Proactive risk management using predefined templates to ensure an organisation asks all the right questions

  • Multi-user role-based access allowing flexible usage across the entire stakeholder community

  • Flexible licensing – spin this up for a JV and turn it off when no longer needed

  • Extend the governance and risk assessment to your supply chain – remove significant workload and complexity of extending InfoSec outside your organisation

  • Combine asset management, with risk management and policy compliance, helping to reduce the issues associated with multi-generational digital assets

Pre-defined templates mean you do not need experts deeply involved in the programme management side – utilise the experts where you really need them, and gain efficiency and simplification at the heart of the compliance management process.

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