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Strategic reporting and planning tool

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up to4% rise in mine production
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Increased productivity

Improved decision making

Strategic reporting and planning tool that boosts mine production.

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Most mines rely on a variety of software systems to measure and analyse key metrics on everything from productivity to equipment performance to plant safety.

The challenge

Trying to relate all of these different data points is time consuming, challenging and often causes misunderstandings.

The approach

This centralised data system provides an integrated dashboard overview of key metrics around production, productivity and security. It aggregates a range of data from diverse sources, such as mine planning, programming, fleet management and inventory management to create adjustable reconciliation models that provide an all-important, single source of truth. This means less time is spent reviewing data and it leads to improved strategic decision-making and subsequently increased production.

This solution also provides effective, efficient and reliable reporting, which helps management to better understand the relationship between good mining practices and recovery levels in the mill.

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