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Streamline operation planning with cloud-based platform

Key facts

up to30% increased utilisation of floor staff
up to30% increased tool time
up to90%plan attainment increase
7xsuccessful deployments
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Top business benefits

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Streamlines workflow

Displaying all information in one place, workflow, execution, and productivity are maximised as no one is left wondering about the small details

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Improves HSSE measures

Being able to see the full picture, and get real-time updates, not only improves operational efficiency, but also safety measures and environmental initiatives

[Business benefit] Tick

Optimises resources

Allowing you to plan better and immediately respond to challenges, this solution saves both resources and time

[Business benefit] Tick

Existing IT infrastructure

Utilising advanced algorithms to connect data across disciplines, this solution maximises ROI from your existing IT systems

[Business benefit] Tick

Increases situational awareness

Sharing information across disciplines and visualising operational, weather, and logistical challenges keeps everyone on the same page

[Business benefit] Tick

Reduces operating costs

When all of these benefits come together, the bottom line is significant cost reductions as every area of onshore and offshore operations is optimised

This interactive integration, visualisation, and execution software creates a holistic overview of operations so you can make smarter decisions, faster. 

Main features

  • All information displayed on a single interactive dashboard

  • Live re-planning functionality to enhance collaboration

  • A straightforward layout that highlights inconsistencies

  • Uses automated schedule optimisation algorithms

  • Work orders placed dynamically, keeping information on-screen

Deployed by

In more detail

Full description

Inefficient coordination across disciplines leads to disjointed, outdated planning, and poor planning creates weak decisions. This cloud-based platform bridges the gap between planning and the realities of operations by gathering information across all disciplines, and visualising it on one, easy-to-use dashboard.

No matter their complexity, this software brings operations to life by providing real-time data, integrating industrial challenges, and ensuring that this information is easily accessible to anyone, any time. When everyone is on the same page and has access to live updates, it empowers you to make stronger decisions, faster.

The challenge

A plan can quickly get derailed by a number of factors, from weather conditions and logistical challenges to maintenance issues. Companies traditionally rely on multiple levels of data standardisation, data coordination, and process flow, as well as several individual silo systems, to inform large, complex plans. But these can quickly become disconnected when there’s a lack of coordination across departments.

The result? Information gets lost in translation, plans are quickly outdated, resources are wasted, and costs skyrocket. To keep operations on-track and maximise productivity, work plans need to be more visible, more accessible, and more informed. That’s where this solution comes in.

The approach

This solution allows coworkers to view and interact with information from every stage of operation. Using advanced algorithms, it collects data across disciplines and displays it on a single interactive surface. The orderly layout makes it easy to identify inconsistencies and visualise challenges, while its simple tap-and-swipe function makes it easy for anyone to use.

With this software, traditional silo systems can be replaced, leading to enhanced coordination, more accurate and consistent information sharing, and increased situational awareness. The instant updates this solution provides also allows operators to respond to challenges in real-time before they have a chance to escalate. When all this is facilitated, it kickstarts a domino effect through the entire operation, streamlining productivity, optimising resources, and keeping costs down.

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2022 Globee Award Winner

A bronze award in the 'Startup of the Year: Business Services' category