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Metals & Mining

Improving safety and productivity with a unified industrial management system

Key facts

40+implementations in mines
up to40%fewer repeated safety violations
up to2.5xreduction in injury frequency
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Top business benefits

Improved health and safety

Increased productivity

Reduction in injuries

Reduction in recurring violations

Improved operational management

Reduced penalties

In more detail

Full description

Safety violations, high Lost Time Incident (LTI) rates and recurring injuries often stem from outdated operational management practices and inefficiencies in personnel safety monitoring, reporting and risk evaluation.

By automating industrial health and safety and shift management requirements, this innovative system makes your operation a safer and healthier place to work. It also drives significant improvements in production processes, planning, task coordination and execution.

The challenge

Traditional health and safety and shift management practices can be reactive and reliant on human controls. During the shift cycle these manual processes can expose personnel to a range of risks and restrict their performance levels. When operators struggle to map exactly where personnel are at any one time during a shift, it impedes their ability to control access to restricted areas, respond to incidents and track performance, which then results in significant challenges that compromise the integrity and efficiency of operations causing:

  • Increased number of incidents resulting in injuries

  • Increased number of recurring violations

  • Reduction in the quality of operational management

  • Increased inspection-related costs and penalties

The approach

This unified system automates the management of operational procedures and related shifts and provides access to comprehensive reporting and analytics – improving safety and performance. The automation of shift-management processes reduces production interruptions and personal injuries, with repeated safety violations cut by up to 40%. Automatic reporting, real-time data monitoring and quantitative and qualitative determination of risks enhance the entire shift cycle, including:

  • Control of arrival at work

  • Medical inspections

  • Competence control

  • Risk evaluation

  • Task assignment

  • Shift acceptance

  • Control of work performance

  • Registration of violations

  • Implementation of restrictions

  • Operational changes

Seamless integration with business processes and existing IT environments facilitates rapid take up. Convenient access via an intuitive smartphone app enables the instantaneous display of security risks during shifts.

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