Worker heat stress and health monitoring
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Up to
Elimination of injuries
More than
Accuracy on sweat loss prediction
Of at-risk workers identified
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Key Business Benefits

Independently Validated
Validated by the US Army, DARPA, and Samsung
Field Tested
Successfully deployed by US Steel - award winning
Covers all major workplace injuries
Covers the range: overexertion, heat stress, bad form, fatigue, falls, slips and trips and more
Predictive and proactive
Helps you avoid injuries not react when they happen

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Full Description

In mining and other heavy industries, workplace injuries, heat stress and other health issues are a serious problem affecting both businesses and employees. In the hotter climates especially, it’s extremely important to have cost-effective yet reliable predictive technology to avoid health issues before they happen.

This solution provides a unique combination of hardware and software to monitor, predict and enable mitigation of all major workplace issues including thermal stress in high temperature environments such as mining sites, industrial processing plants and many more.

The Challenge

Thermal stress, amongst other health issues, in heavy industry settings is increasing and core body temperature sensors to measure and mitigate this risk are inadequate. A multi-dimensional approach that measures the psycho-physiological changes that occur as the body attempts to compensate for temperature changes is a more predictive and robust method to mitigate thermal stress.  

Furthermore there is a need to monitor for other physical injury scenarios and provide alerting and intervention before it’s too late.

The Approach

This AI powered platform combines unique hardware and software to monitor for, and predict, a range of common workplace health issues that happen in hot, industrial environments such as mining sites, industrial processing plants etc.

Off-the-shelf smart watches with custom software combine with ‘form monitoring’ hardware units, feeding into an advanced AI platform that can accurately predict issues before they happen in areas such as over-exertion, thermal stress, sweat loss, fatigue and many more. The system alerts both the workers and the supervisors to ensure action can be taken to eliminate accidents and issues.

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