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Extended Reality-based gamified learning platform for improved training

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Reduction in number of accidents

Improved learning retention

Reduction of costly errors

Cultivation of workplace safety

Increased training efficiency

Improved compliance with safety standards

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The oil and gas industry invests heavily in the training and development of its employees, but downtime has to be justified with constructive learning outcomes. Typical safety training simulations have proven not to be an effective investment as they are often too disconnected from the reality of complex installation environments.

This Extended Reality-based gamified platform uses Virtual Reality to accurately recreate dangerous and hazardous scenarios that might occur on installations and are difficult to replicate in real life. Precise animations within an immersive environment help companies to improve decision-making skills in stressful situations and increase efficiency.

The challenge

Oil and gas installations are inherently dangerous and stressful environments that require robust safety training programmes. Traditionally, this has involved employees taking part in expensive and inaccurate live simulations of potential hazardous scenarios in classrooms.

This sterile approach fails to provide full immersion in and understanding of dangerous situations, compromising employee safety. These time-consuming training programmes also result in installations experiencing significant employee downtime that can disrupt output.

The approach

This gamified platform allows oil and gas companies to harness the power of Extended Reality (all real-and-virtual combined environments and human-machine interactions generated by computer technology – Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and everything in between) to build effective teaching tools that empower employees to learn directly about the actual consequences of not following best safety practices. In doing so it removes the time and cost required to replicate scenarios in real life and drives compliance with safety standards.

Virtual Reality and AI technology facilitate the training of personnel on crucial procedures from remote locations, by familiarising them with working processes and equipment. Convenient access to pre-emptive actions on critical assets that are likely to fail and real-time assistance improves learning retention, reduces expensive errors, and increases training efficiency.

With options of using already developed oil and gas training modules or building new training environments, this solution ensures training content can be tailored to each company’s unique requirements. The gamification of content guarantees appealing and engaging training courses. Content can be integrated with an existing Learning Management System or accessed directly through the solution platform.

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