Extended reality platform for immersive industrial training
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improvement in employee performance
reduction in training time
estimated ROI potential
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Key Business Benefits

Improves compliance with safety standards
Ensuring all staff fully adhere to SOPs, and providing complete workplace visibility with data capture and reporting tools
Increases training efficiency
Supports digital transformation, hybrid working, and remote workforce training to accelerate onboarding and reduce training time by up to one year
Improves learning retention
Providing a substantially more realistic and engaging training experience with immersive tech to boost long-term learning retention
Reduces accidents
Delivering lifelike training simulations that truly prepare workers to identify and resolve hazardous scenarios

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Full Description

The metals and mining industry invests heavily in training and development to maximise employees’ occupational competence and maintain high levels of safety. But standard safety-training simulations, and other forms of learning, often prove to be a poor investment in terms of cost and effective outcomes. That’s because simulation training cannot provide the hands-on practice necessary to master complex or rarely performed tasks. On the other hand, authentic workplace training exposes employees to hazards they’re not prepared to resolve. This inability to efficiently manage dangerous environments places the entire workforce at risk. But this innovative platform uses extended reality (including virtual reality and augmented reality) and digital twin models to accurately recreate hazardous scenarios that are difficult and costly to replicate in real life. With precise animations and an immersive environment, it delivers practical skills training, improves decision-making in stressful situations, and increases learning outcomes and readiness without risk.

The Challenge

Mining operations can be dangerous and stressful environments. Therefore, they require robust safety training programmes to adequately prepare workers for potential hazardous scenarios. Traditionally, this has involved employees taking part in expensive and inaccurate live simulations in classrooms. This often-sterile approach fails to provide full immersion in and understanding of situations, compromising employee safety. The programmes are also time-consuming, leading to significant employee downtime that disrupts output. Often workers find themselves performing tasks for the first time in the field and only following a manual for guidance as to how to achieve the job. This system allows mine operators to run tasks multiple times in a safe and controllable environment. Meaning operators can practice and improve completing work before undertaking it in real life.

The Approach

This innovative platform harnesses the power of extended reality to build effective tools for safety training and other forms of learning. It empowers workers to practise complex tasks and experience the actual consequences of not following best practices without putting them at risk. As a result, it eliminates the time and cost involved in replicating hazardous scenarios in real life and drives compliance with safety standards. It also allows workers to train with equipment that is still being built, minimising the gap between delivery and operation. Making training true-to-form provides a more visceral and engaging learning programme and allows for repeat practice to build confidence and competence. The solution also enables personnel to familiarise themselves with the work processes and equipment of crucial procedures from remote locations. This offers convenient access to pre-emptive actions on critical assets that are likely to fail, and improves learning retention, reduces expensive errors, and increases training efficiency. With options of using already developed energy training modules or creating new environments, this solution offers a highly bespoke training suit to match any company’s unique requirements. Content can be integrated with an existing Learning Management System or accessed directly through the solution platform. The solution provides all tools and reporting in one place to deliver complete visibility of workforce competence and keep businesses audit ready. This data empowers managers to track learning and training, identify skills gaps, and find effective ways to fill them.

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