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How can your organisation or team realise the full potential of technology across the value chain? And how can you be sure you aren’t wasting R&D investment on developing solutions that already exist? As the pace of industrial innovation intensifies, we believe a new approach is needed to help unlock greater value and opportunity for those seeking new solutions, as well as those who create them.

That’s why we created Axora™. Our platform helps grow your awareness of the broader technology landscape, giving you the valuable insights you need and benchmarking the key disruptors across the value chain. When the time comes, we can also facilitate access to the technologies you’d like to implement.

Who we are

We are a team of industry experts, engineers and entrepreneurs who believe that by unlocking new flows of innovation we can transform industry. We've created the world’s first curated, cross-industry innovation platform to change the way companies discover, access, open up and embed the latest technologies.

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