Innovation Leaders: Metals and Mining

30th June 2020

In a rapidly changing world, technology helps us solve old and new challenges with renewed vision, expanding our horizons. Our newly released report celebrates the mining pioneers that are adopting these technologies and driving industrial sustainability forward.

Download the full Innovation Leaders report to gain a deeper understanding of the technologies driving sustainability, including: <br>

  • Autonomous machinery

    • How fleets of self-driving, remotely operated haulage trucks are providing safer and highly optimised in-mine transport across large mining sites.

  • Electrification

    • Ways in which electrified vehicles can eliminate CO2 and other harmful emissions associated with traditional diesel powered mines – resulting in cleaner air, less noise and heat, and greater safety.

  • Renewable energy

    • How renewable solutions like solar panels, wind turbines and battery power deliver lower emissions while making many mining operations more viable and cost efficient.

  • Digitalisation

    • The smart sensing hardware, data analytics, Al and machine learning solutions that are unlocking new ways to collect, analyse and process data in real time, with increased accuracy.

Access invaluable insights with actionable case studies featuring companies such as Rio Tinto and Teck Resources. Download, read, and share this report with your colleagues.

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