Turn your solutions into revenue

Open up your solutions to new streams of potential with Axora, the industrial innovation hub for growing revenue, raising your innovation profile and partnering with the best. Tell us more about your solution and we’ll help you unlock its true value.

A new horizon for innovators

We connect your technologies with industry leaders to solve their most urgent challenges. Bringing a fresh approach to innovation that unlocks deep transformation for your brand.

Unlock hidden revenue and ROI

We realise the market potential of your solutions, so you can recover your investment and innovate more.

Build your innovator brand

We have the network, expertise and relationships to strengthen your brand's credibility as a technology pioneer.

Join the innovation A-list

Our insider community provides market and solutions intelligence trusted by global industry leaders. Fast-tracking the smart partnerships that count.

How Axora works for you

Four steps to realising your solution’s growth potential


Identify solutions with the most potential

Our experts work with you to select and validate your solutions that meet a market need.


Tailor them to buyer needs

We will package your technology into a compelling proposition for our cross-industry network.


Feature your solution on our platform

Our innovation hub is the ideal forum to introduce your solution to a wider audience.


Gain sales and marketing momentum

Using a targeted approach, we will build and execute campaigns that deliver results.

Grow with Axora

We work with innovators of every size, from small startups to industrial giants.

Startups and vendors

Use Axora to accelerate your growth and discover new markets for your technologies. Thanks to our cross-industry network, deep expertise and strategic marketing approach, we can help you break down barriers to prospective buyers.


Companies waste billions every year building solutions that already exist elsewhere. By opening up your proprietary technologies to commercial use and bringing them to market, you can turn cost centres into profit. Maximising ROI and building your brand’s credibility as an innovator.

Accelerate your sales and marketing

As an authority on industrial innovation, we help spread the word about your solutions to new markets and potential buyers, with eloquence and relevance.

Direct Sales

Building Awareness

Digital Marketing

Trade Shows

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