Fleet location and performance tracking


Designed to optimise fleet management, this compact wireless multi-grade magnetic sensor device tracks the location and performance of individual vehicles. Containing a GPS tracker plus movement, heat and humidity sensors, it can be installed within one minute with no engineering work required and can also withstand temperatures from -40°C to +60°C. 

The vehicle’s movement and engine performance is tracked live and uploaded to the cloud through a wireless gateway device. Data from numerous vehicles is collated in a digital dashboard, allowing managers to track their entire fleet. The resulting insights help operators to minimise idling, reduce rental costs and increase productivity.

Problems solved

Tracking and managing rainbow (i.e. multiple OEM) fleet is extremely difficult on a global scale. The idling of machines wastes approximately $1000 per year per machine in fuel alone and construction executives lack visibility of how efficiently their machines are operating and where they are located.

Most industrial sites today depend on individual workers to conduct random spot tests to ensure machines are not left in active mode unnecessarily. That is highly inefficient and time-consuming - time which could be better spent with more value-added tasks. 


The information on machine status is accessible within a mobile app or desktop so that the local staff can locate and turn off unused machines fast. As a result, industrial companies are able to reduce machine idling, cut their energy bills, increase profits and achieve their environmental commitments more easily.

Key facts


Increase in machine productivity


Decrease in machine rental cost


development and construction
fleet management
metals and mining
oil and gas
predictive maintenance
real-time analytics
worker safety

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