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Drones in Oil and Gas Operations

Advanced imaging technologies have made drones invaluable to oil and gas activities, including exploration surveys, offshore monitoring, risk management, and predictive maintenance.

For example, with FLIR thermography cameras, drones detect faults in oil and gas assets, improving both operational efficiency and worker safety.

Key fact: Drone inspections can increase efficiency gains by up to 33% and reduce inspection costs by up to 50%

Drone inspections also aid in topographical surveys, obtaining high-resolution images for precise 3D mapping. Similarly, UAVs can conduct remote inspections of hazardous locations, using real-time data relay to flag operators to threats or critical changes.

UAV inspections also improve health, safety and environment (HSE) standards by detecting methane leaks, and ensuring that assets are operating safely and efficiently.

Key fact: The drones industry is expected to be worth $1.5 billion by 2022, with 43% coming from oil and gas sectors

When merged with data processing systems, drones provide real-time analytics on every aspect of operation, from pipeline and well inspections to inventory management.

For example, drones can be optimised for object detection, facilitating inventory tracking. Similarly, insights enable operators to identify areas of optimisation, predict asset health, and maximise production.


  • Safer inspections

  • Precise real-time data

  • Operational efficiency

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