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Improving Operational Efficiency with Digitalisation

The responsibility of sustaining productivity, reducing emissions, improving site safety, and cutting costs makes operational efficiency key to mining companies. The springboard for this is digitalisation.

Digital tools haven’t only made the industry’s unplanned transition towards remote working more manageable, but also more attractive given their ability to reduce OPEX, improve worker safety, and increase productivity.

Key fact: 55% of surveyed mining companies said IoT-based solutions improved health and safety

AI-powered dashboards are optimising data processing in mines. Eliminating the need to manually capture data into several uncoordinated spreadsheets, dashboards collate data in one place, making it more reliable and easier to analyse.

Project management can also be improved with digital tools, such as fleet management systems, which monitor production, maintenance, and site safety, giving operators better visibility on fleet performance.

Eliminating manual inspections is another way to improve operational efficiency and site safety. Technologies like wireless monitoring systems, drones, and tablet-based inspection apps continuously monitor critical assets, detecting early signs of fault in real time so issues can be resolved quickly, avoiding accidents, inefficient performance, and periods of downtime.

Key fact: Advanced analytics systems in mines can boost productivity by 5-10%


  • Increased productivity

  • Enhanced safety

  • Trustworthy data

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