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Improving Well Life Cycle with Acidizing

Acidizing is a stimulation technique that extends the well life cycle and improves well productivity. There are three types of acid treatments used in the oil and gas industry: acid washing, matrix acidizing, and fracture acidizing.

Both matrix and fracture acidizing use a pump to inject a formation with acid. This dissolves rocks and other materials that would otherwise prevent the flow of hydrocarbons. These techniques also create new channels so that the hydrocarbons flow more easily.

The difference between matrix and fracture acidizing is that the former pumps acid below the formation fracturing pressure, while the latter pumps acid above it. Corrosion of well tubulars is a concern with acid treatments. To protect these, corrosion inhibitors are used.

Key fact: Acidizing pre-dates all well stimulation techniques, having been used for over 120 years

Acid washing doesn’t involve pumping acid into a reservoir. Instead, it’s used to clean the wellbore. This treatment typically uses hydrochloric acid to remove scale and other deposits, like rust, that build up in wellbore and other well-completion components. If left to accumulate, these materials would restrict the flow of hydrocarbons.


  • Extends well life cycle

  • Dissolves debris accumulation in well

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