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Reducing CO2 Emissions With CCS Plants

Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) is the process of capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by industrial processes, separating it from other gases, and storing it deep underground so it’s never released into the atmosphere.

Between trapping the carbon dioxide and storing it underground, it must be transported to a storage site. This is done via processing plants with carbon dioxide pipelines. These plants are called Carbon Capture Storage plants.

The CO2 travels through the pipelines, either in a gaseous or liquid state, and finishes its journey in a storage vessel, which can either be a truck, ship, or pressurised cylinder. From there, the carbon dioxide is transported to a storage site and pumped deep underground where it can seep into porous rocks.

Key fact: The U.S. alone has enough subsurface space to hold 1.8 trillion tons of carbon dioxide

The scale of CCS programmes makes them critical to reducing carbon footprints of large industries that produce high amounts of fossil fuels, like the oil and gas sector. They are thus a key part to the industry’s decarbonisation efforts.


  • Prevents CO2 emissions

  • Huge amounts of CO2 can be stored

  • Aids decarbonisation initiatives

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