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We connect you to innovation that makes a real impact

Axora™ is here to inspire transformation through technology, right across the value chain. With the latest innovation intelligence and access to visionary solutions from global industry leaders.


Explore the whole technology landscape

Axora opens up a broader perspective on the technology trends and solutions shaping industry. Giving you the clear, holistic picture you need to level up awareness and insight across the innovation spectrum.

Realise opportunities to innovate across the value chain

Use Axora to identify existing solutions to your key operational challenges, rather than developing them in-house. We're constantly researching the most promising technologies and identifying alternative potential uses for them.

Impact Story

Improving worker safety and compliance with machine vision

Workplace accidents are an unfortunate reality that can be greatly reduced thanks to advances in machine vision. The solution recognises when an employee is not wearing appropriate protective gear or clothing, reducing injuries by up to 90%.

Go from first insight to full implementation

Our team of experts is here to give you the support you need, at every stage of the process. From helping you identify the key technology opportunities for your specialist area, to accessing the right solution for your specific needs and finding the best partner to help implement your vision.

Our team has decades of collective experience, spanning all areas of industrial operations.

Dr Nick Mayhew

Chief Commercial Officer

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